Other Awards

Capital funding

Requests for capital grants for leukaemia research laboratories or for clinical facilities for leukaemia will be considered either alone or in conjunction with proposals for the support of research and/or patient care.  Capital requests must give a budget estimate of costs, together with a full justification. If considering an application for capital funding, or for further information, please contact the KKLF offices at info@kklf.org.uk or 0207 410 0330.

Equipment grants

Requests for single large items of equipment will be considered.  Requests must give detailed cost estimates and a full scientific justification.

Clinical care

Requests for clinical support must give full costing and a detailed explanation of how this support will enhance the existing service and/or research activities.

Application deadlines

The Trustees consider proposals for such awards on 2 occasions in each year, normally May and November.  New full proposals for scientific awards for the May meeting should be received by 28 February and for the November meeting by 15 July.  Late applications may be deferred for 6 months. These deadlines are for the Scientific Research programme – for Patient Care programme information please see below.

Application forms

Project grant and Fellowship application forms are available from KKLF’s offices.  For further information and/or an application form contact info@kklf.org.uk. Please see below for Patient Care applications.

Patient Care programme

The Patient Care programme is separate from the Scientific Research programme and full details are available from KKLF’s offices. The February and July deadlines given above are not relevant to this funding programme. If considering an application to the Patient Care programme, or for further information, please contact the KKLF offices at info@kklf.org.uk or 0207 410 0330.


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