The Kay Kendall Leukaemia Fund awards grants for research on aspects of leukaemia and for relevant studies on related haematological malignancies. Applications are sought for first class research on innovative proposals and are particularly welcomed from those with applications close to the care of leukaemia patients or the prevention of leukaemia or related diseases. The Fund also considers support for capital projects that will have direct benefit to leukaemia patient care.

There is a preference to support centres of excellence or those with an established international reputation in the field.

Funding decisions will be based on the calibre of the applicant, the scientific merit and originality of the proposal and the excellence of the host institution, together with recommendations from peer reviewers and the Trust�s Scientific Advisers.

In 2008 trustees instigated a new programme of patient care and patient centred projects associated with leukaemia and haematological diseases. Patient care proposals are generally invited or initiated by the Trustees, however, the Fund would wish to be made aware of significant appeals, capital builds, or other initiatives with a strong patient-care focus for leukaemia patients, their families, and carers.